Organizing Your Time For Sales In Your Business

A business with no sales isn’t a business–it’s a hobby. Strong sales are key to keeping a business’ cash flow positive. However, successfully making sales in business is not always easy.  And while not all sales techniques will work for every business, one thing is certain: prospecting, preparation and pitching are all key if you want to keep the cash flowing in your business. Here’s a few tips to making time for sales. 

Set Achievable Goals

If you really want to gain sales, you have to create goals and then a plan of action. When you are considering your goals, think about your target audience: what do they need from you? How can you solve their problems? 

Business coach Malla Haridat argues that entrepreneurs need to shift their mindset when thinking of sales and how they approach their goals. Instead of focusing on what won’t work, think about the needs of your audience and then, offer something they can immediately use to their benefit. 

Create A Plan of Action 

Once you have a sales goal in mind, you have to consider how you will make this goal a reality. If you truly want to be successful in your business, you have to consistently remain in the sales cycle On a daily basis, you should be researching prospects, cold emailing and calling, scheduling presentations and onboarding new clients. 

Also, your sales should include nurturing  your clientele–it’s not about securing one sale–it’s about getting your clients to repeat business with you.

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Schedule Your Tasks and Develop Time Blocks 

The best way to lose a sale? Forget about your pitching schedule or a meeting. The remedy: place everything related to your sales on a calendar.  This means you need to schedule when you will research prospects, send cold emails or make cold calls. You will also need to schedule when you will deliver presentations and onboarding for clients. 

During your workday, block out time to handle all the aspects of sales. Many entrepreneurs make cold calls earlier in the day. Then, they spend the middle of their day returning phone calls and dealing with customer needs. They also use this time of day to prepare for scheduled sales calls. Finally, projects are researched towards the end of the day so that there is a working list to begin the following day with–keeping the plan of action working. 

If you see your tasks posted on a calendar, you will be less inclined to break your schedule and become distracted with other tasks. 

If you schedule everything on a calendar, you can also track when is the best time to complete certain tasks so that you are able to meet your goals. 

Avoid Distractions 

Checking social media and email can be a huge distraction to a successful workday. Check your email and social media accounts during times that are not associated with prospecting for new clients. 

Respond to important emails within a specific block of time. This will help you remain focused on completing tasks in a timely fashion. 

Use social media to enhance your sales. Share information about your company and how your target audience will benefit from your product or service. Don’t allow social media to be a drain your time and energy–it will keep you from meeting your sales goals. 

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Develop A Positive Attitude 

Performing cold calls is nerve wracking. Who wants the phone hung up on them? Who wants to be told ‘no?’ No one. Here’s the deal: you’ve got to find a way to remain positive. When you are able to believe in the possibilities of your goals becoming a reality, you are making your fears less powerful. 

Exercising daily, eating healthy foods and even meditating will help you to remain committed and confident even when you don’t make headway with your cold calls. 

Giving yourself breaks is also key. In between your scheduled blocks, take a moment to drink water, get some fresh air or stretch your body. 



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