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4 Reasons to Monitor Your Business Credit Often

Building business credit is key to the growth of your business. On time payments and not keeping a high balance will unlock your ability to be eligible for higher credit limits, lines of credit and larger loans. But have you ever thought about the power of monitoring your credit? 

Monitoring your business credit is just as important as establishing credit and maintaining an excellent repayment history. When you monitor your business credit periodically, you protect your business in so many ways. 

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1. Maintain a Good Business Reputation 

Did you know that creditors, suppliers, vendors and other companies can monitor your business credit without your approval? 

Well, it’s true. When another business decides to work with you, they can research your credit history to determine if you will be a liability or an asset. And they’re not the only ones. Lenders look at your business credit profile to determine if your business is able to handle credit. Insurance companies review your report to decide how much you will pay for your premiums. By monitoring your business credit report often, you’ll be confident in your ability to take on business ventures and financing. And if there are inaccuracies on your account that can hinder your ability to build credit and relationships, it’s best to correct these problems immediately. 

2. Business Protection 

Identity theft and fraud does not just happen to everyday people. Businesses can also be victims of theft or fraud. As a matter of fact, the Identity Theft Resource Center outlines some serious ways that criminals are able to commit fraud and negatively impact your business’ livelihood. Your business’ reputation, cash flow and relationships with vendors can be easily destroyed if you don’t consistently check your report for activity. 

3. Enhance Your Score 

If you’ve ever fallen behind on your payments, that will reflect poorly on your credit report. However, there is no reason that you cannot work to improve your score. By evaluating your report, you’ll be able to see what creditors need to be paid as well as your balances. Then, you can develop a plan to begin repaying your creditors. These actions will boost your score and in time, make your lenders confident in extending credit to you.  

4. Update Information 

Remember that your business credit report is available for anyone to see. You want to make sure that information is updated often so that you are favorable in the eyes of creditors and other businesses. If you allow incorrect data to be present on your report, you will be sending an inaccurate message to viewers about the financial health of your business. By correcting mistakes and updating information often, you’ll be helping your business maintain a strong bottom line. 

Last Thoughts 

Establishing business credit is only the first step to helping your business grow. Protecting your business–by monitoring your credit profile–will help you to maintain a strong reputation with creditors, suppliers and other businesses.  



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