How to Find Content for Your Business Blog

Your business blog is a great way to connect with your customer and clients. It’s also an excellent way to become an expert in your industry while improving your business rank on Google. Yet, how do you find the right content that will reach your customer base? We have the top tips for you to find content for your business blog.

1. Write about what customers are asking.

One way to identify topics appropriate for your business blog is to pay attention to what are your customers or clients are saying.  If your business is slowly opening up amid the COVID-19 virus, maybe your customers want to know about your existing policies. Maybe your customers have a common issue with your product or service. These types of questions can provide insights into what is on your customer’s mind. Write content based on the kind of interactions you have with your customers or clients. As you write, remember that your blog isn’t about you, but it’s about who you are serving. Write for them.

2. Keep track of what your competitors are saying.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to follow the blogs of your competitors. They can provide insight into what is others are discussing in your industry. You don’t want to duplicate content, of course, but consider sharing a unique perspective that no one else has discussed yet. As you write, make sure to keep your company’s values in mind and be true to yourself. 

3. Pay attention to events and holidays.

Keep important holidays and events in mind. Upcoming holidays and days of observance can be a way to honor those who the specific date is commemorating. You can also use this chance to vocalize your stance on important matters. You may also want to share how your business is supporting the community. Holidays and events are a great time to share any changing hours, and even sales and promotional items. You can also craft content specific to the needs of your client underneath the umbrella of the upcoming event or holiday.

4. Write about topics that already resonate with your audience.

An easy to figure out what works well with your clients and customers is to identify which posts have generated the most traffic to your website. Visit Google Analytics to find out what posts perform the best. Create new content based on these same posts. You can write a similar blog post, but with updated information. Or you can bring in another expert who can add in a new perspective to a related subject. Another way to figure out what resonates with your reader is to pay attention to what posts and topics do well on social media.

5. Share behind-the-scenes stories.

How does your business operate from the inside? What does it look like behind the scenes? Use your blog to talk about the work going on for a product or service you’ll be releasing this year. Another way to share a behind-the-scenes story is to interview people within your industry. Not only will is it a great way to build a connection to your business with an industry professional, but it can also help you get ideas for new content down the road.

Having a business blog can be both fun and a challenge. With these tips, you are sure to generate content that engages your audience and makes you an industry expert.



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