How Can I Maintain Strong Customer Relationships During Uncertain Times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about how entrepreneurs are able to run their businesses and generate revenue. While some business’ have been stagnant and really struggled to keep their customer base strong and their cash flow generating, others have done quick pivots that have shown their ability to be innovative. 

Ingenuity is what helps businesses remain viable, even if their current cash flow does not match their project revenue. Therefore, the most important action an entrepreneur can take is to show their leads and client base that they are still open for business–even in uncertain times. By showing that you are able to push through, you are sending a strong message to your client base: you are committed. 

Here are some key actions that will help you maintain strong customer relationships and keep your cash flow in the black. 

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Build Your Team’s Morale

Your employees and contractors are the greatest representatives of your business. Afterall, if they are producing results and building relationships with your client base, your business will continue to grow. However, if they do not have what they need, how can they feel invested in helping your business grow? Or in times of crisis, will they feel it is necessary to help your business remain afloat? 

It’s important to make sure that your team has all that they need–resources and tools–to do their job well. Send out a quick survey with employees to understand if they need to adjust their schedules or need additional equipment at home to do their jobs well. 

Encouraging your team to work hard is not all that is necessary to keep their morale going. While many people find working from home convenient, many also find it lonesome. A recent study found that fifty percent of employees missed camaraderie associated with the workplace. So check in with your employees or contractors. Make sure that they are handling working from home or the uncertainty of working in the field well. You can even plan Zoom events to keep employees and contractors feeling connected to you business. 

Update Your Digital Presence 

For your client base to feel confident of your business in times of uncertainty, you have to keep your lines of communication up-to-date. Make sure that the content on your website reflects your current working hours. Showing an up-to-date, plugged in presence is key in helping you maintain strong customer relationships.

Share apps and alternatives for meeting in person that will allow your clients to feel like you care and want to help them. 



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