How Can I Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout in My Business?

Running a business is both exhilarating and exhausting. When you are able to create and develop ideas, you’re feeling fantastic. When you’re taking on new clients and helping them solve their problems, you’re ready to conquer the world. But what happens when clients don’t renew their contracts? How do you feel when you’ve got a lot on your plate and no help? 

Or, what about when your cash-flow is not as fluid as you’d like? And let’s not even talk about that pandemic crippling our ability to thrive in our professional and personal lives. 

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Your mental health is critical to the stability of your business. While many entrepreneurs can feel stressed, for others mental health is a serious issue. A study by psychologist Michael Freeman found that entrepreneurs are twice as likely to suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts and three times as likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And it’s not surprising: entrepreneurs–especially in the startup and growth stages–are doing it all. They’re juggling marketing, finances, handling daily operations and managing a personal life. 

So how can you maintain your sanity and manage your business effectively? 

Create Boundaries Between Your Personal and Professional Life

Striking a work-life balance is not easy for many people. And as an entrepreneur, it might be easy for your business and home life to be present in the same space.  However, it’s importance should not be ignored. Take a moment to think about the needs and goals in your personal life. How can fulfilling these goals help you run your business much more effectively? Then, create a schedule that takes your lifestyle and business into consideration. The work of running your business will always be present but you won’t truly be successful if you are not focusing on creating a balance in your life. 

Focus on Your Physical Wellness 

As an entrepreneur, you know one of your greatest skills has to be the ability to think and make decisions quickly. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s difficult to make the easiest decisions. Practicing mindfulness meditation will help you focus on being in the present and easily find clarity. 

Exercise is also key to helping you remain focused and filled with energy. Plus, it has been proven that exercise enhances creativity.

Carve out time in your schedule to meditate and exercise so that you can feel invigorated. 

Outsource Tasks 

You cannot do everything in your business. And you really should not. Build your team with people who believe in your business’ mission and vision. Hire an assistant who can help you manage your schedule, organize your office space and handle expenses. Use platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork to identify a content creator who can plan and manage your social media. By delegating tasks, you are providing yourself with the time to focus on growing your business.  

Seek Professional Help

Depression and anxiety are mental health illnesses that are prevalent amongst entrepreneurs. While there might be momentary happiness when you are able to take on a new client or you have received some funding, a mental health therapist can help you identify triggers and how to navigate your feelings effectively.



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