The last several months have been a time of unprecedented upheaval and uncertainty. March brought the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which changed many of our lives forever. We saw illness and death on a grand scale in our country and in our world. We hunkered down to face an enemy that we could not see, and we prayed to flatten the curve.

For the Black community, COVID-19 is not the only threat to our lives. Although we suffer disproportionately from the global health crisis, it is not because of some biological flaw. Rather, it is the result of generations of trauma ingrained so deeply into the fiber of the nation that, when the virus began to spread, we were left defenseless. Black and brown people are overrepresented in poor communities, in essential professions that don’t have the ability to stay home, and in morgues. They are also overrepresented in the prison system, and in the lists of casualties, the direct result of brutality and institutional disregard for the dignity of each and every human life.

Business Funding Now exists to empower people to take their financial well-being into their own hands. For Black people, particularly those descended from the slaves who built our nation, being able to work for oneself is life-changing. Slaves could not choose their masters, and they could not profit from their own work. Entrepreneurship is a privilege. It is a daily reminder of freedom. It is an opportunity to be paid for our labor, affirm our worth, and free ourselves from the microaggressions of a workforce that has largely exploited our gifts. It is an opportunity to rise up from the shackles of our caste. When Black entrepreneurs thrive, the sins of our forefathers begin to be righted.

We can only bless others with our overflow. Business Funding Now will continue to support the Black community and fight for the financial freedom of people of all colors. We will offer a free consultation to members of the Black community who dream of ownership and freedom. We also promise to continue to use our platform to educate, empower, and uplift Black businesses so that we might all thrive.

With sincerity and love,

Jeremiah Davis II



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