BFN affiliate program is easy, and simple. Our affiliates get their own funding application, co-branded Business Credit landing page, unlimited free business success scan for your clients, training, affiliate portal, access to our certified Business Funding and Credit Coaches that will educate you on our business credit and funding programs, and more. We pay affiliates 25% commission on all funding deals and 10% on business credit sales.

The Funding Process

Be an Affiliate now!

The New BFN Affiliate Program. Business Funding Now has updated and upgraded our Affiliate Program.

Now we have:

  • Automated affiliate portal.
  • Deal tracking.
  • Individual affiliate loan applications links.
  • Digital signature and Supporting document uploading.
  • We do all the work and pay you your commission.
  • Offer 20 different business loans.
  • Offer Automated DIY Business Credit Builder.
  • Loan Broker Training.
  • White Label Business Credit and Funding Software.
  • Business Credit Certification Course.
  • Step 1. All you need to submit a deal for funding is the online app and the credit monitoring logins. Please only use MyScoreIQ, IDIQ or SmartCredit.

  • Step 2. Within 24 hours or the next business day, we will send you the funding quote and a list of supporting documents required. When you tell us to move forward with the funding, from the quote you share with your client, then the client will get an email with a DocuSign for the fee agreement. This must be signed before the funding process begins.
  • Step 3. Send in all supporting documents. All documents must be scanned, showing all 4 corners of each document. NO PHOTO/PICS of any docs. All bank statements must be direct PDF downloads from online banking, no exceptions. This is for fraud prevention, people are submitting altered “FAKE” bank statements to get funding.
  • Step 4. Once all supporting documents are submitted, one of our funding specialists will contact the client by phone or email and move them into funding. You will get the company name, person’s name, and phone number for the person that will contact your client. The funding process takes 7-10 business days, sometimes it may take longer.

Please join the Facebook affiliate page. Training and product information will be shared via Facebook group and direct emails.  

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