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6 Industries That Are Actually Thriving Right Now

You may think that times of uncertainty are the worst for starting a new business, but the opposite may be true. As some industries struggle and many more navigate the reopening process, it can seem scary to start a new venture. Despite the uncertainty and economic instability, some markets are seeing unprecedented growth. Here are six industries thriving right now and actually making money:

Cleaning Services:

With concern for hygiene at an all time high, cleaning companies are poised for a record spike. As workplaces begin putting new sanitizing standards into action, both individuals and businesses will be eager to outsource this time-consuming service.

Virtual Support Services:

Software that helps people connect remotely, like Zoom and GoTo Meeting, have seen unprecedented rises in usage. That’s only part of the market, though. As more people transition into working and running businesses from home, virtual support staff will be more and more in-demand.


Who could have guessed that by the summer, face masks would be an essential part of a stylish wardrobe? Custom mask makers saw an almost immediate explosion of business once stay-at-home orders were issued. With most states requiring a cloth face covering in public now, mask makers will be busy for the foreseeable future.


Most parents are unsure about how to continue their child’s education from home. Many have begun searching for ways to supplement their child’s schooling. Tutoring, enrichment programs, and providers of classroom materials are finding themselves among the industries thriving right now.

Telehealth Services:

Doctors and specialists have adapted quickly to social distancing requirements by opting to see patients online wherever possible. Encouragingly, this has opened a range of services, including mental health support, to populations that may not have been able to access it before.

Food & Drink:

While restaurants and bars are empty, grocery stores and meal delivery services have remained popular. Since more people are staying home, convenient subscription-based services have grown their clientele. And of course, liquor stores never go out of style.

Looking for more ideas? The US Chamber of Commerce released a list of 20 small businesses thriving during coronavirus, and LoveMoney put together a slideshow of industries likely to see post-pandemic profits.



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