5 Best Business Apps to Keep Your Finances Organized

When you purchase items for your business, how quickly do you record your expenses? How often are you making sure that your invoices are paid on time? Managing your business’ finances is not an easy feat–especially when you are operating a business with very little help. While an accountant is necessary to analyze your receivables and expenses and prepare financial documents, it is still important to pay attention to your business’ cash flow on a daily basis. 

Keeping track of receipts, mileage, and invoices can easily be handled on your tablet or phone. Here are the five best business apps to help you organize and manage your business’ finances with ease. 

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Quickbooks offers a user-friendly app that works along with the desktop version. Quickbooks mission is to help small business owners manage their bookkeeping and accounting procedures easily. Through the app, you will be able to write and send invoices as well as estimates; process payments; record incoming transactions; save receipts; categorize and tally your expenses; access financial documents such as profit and loss statements; and handle cash flow statements. 

The cost for Quickbooks also makes it affordable with plans starting as low as $4.50 for freelancers and up to $45 for business owners needing more advanced accounting services. 


If you want to organize and manage all of your business finances from a mobile device, Freshbooks might be the app for you. Like Quickbooks, this is a user-friendly software that allows you to import receipts, and record finances. 

Freshbooks plans run as low as $6 per month for self-employed/freelancers and provides custom pricing for companies desiring personalized customer service. 


Apps such as Fresbhooks and Quickbooks are great tools for recording expenses, tracking mileage and keeping count of accounts received. Honeybook, however helps you stay organized in your daily business operations so that you can manage your finances effectively. Just imagine: creating a proposal, then an invoice and contract and getting paid all in the same space? That’s Honeybook. In addition, Honeybook can be integrated with Quickbooks for more extensive bookkeeping and accounting needs. 

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It’s easy to keep track of your receipts with the Expensify app. This app will take photos of your receipts, identify the vendor, and capture other important data as well. With an integration tool for Quickbooks, it is easy to sync your receipts to your account and then analyze your finances. 

Expensify also includes a travel concierge and planner. The concierge’s purpose is to update you of your travel itinerary while the planner allows you track your spending habits while traveling.  

Plans for Expensify begin at $4.96 per month, making this one of the most affordable and best business apps around.


Bookkeeping is not necessarily unique to a business. However, if an app also serves as a full-service bookkeeping service to entrepreneurs, it’s an especially valuable tool. Professional bookkeepers will work with you to keep your business’ finances up-to-date. On a monthly basis, a team of bookkeepers will make sure your accounts are current and then, they will prepare financial statements. In addition, during tax season, your team will prepare documents for you to easily file your small business taxes. 

Plans for Bench begin at $149 per month for customers with less than $1,000 in expenses and for established companies, $299 per month. 

The apps featured will all help you streamline your business’ finances. By tracking expenses and invoices, you will be saving your business time and money–leaving space for your business to grow and become successful.



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