3 Kinds of People That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Entrepreneurship takes great passion, courage and vision. But on the road to building and expanding your business, you will also need help. At times, you will need help within your business in the form of delegating tasks so that you can focus on bigger projects. And at other times, you will need help developing your business. This type of help requires keen perspective so that you can consistently be present and grow your business. 

And don’t consider asking for help problematic. Afterall, asking for help is beneficial relationship builder. When you ask others for help in business decision making, you are making them feel useful and important in the development of your business.  

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Here are three groups of people that you can ask for help when you need business guidance: 

An Executive Business Coach

At every stage of our lives, we need coaches to push us just a little bit further. As an entrepreneur, an executive coach will help you to identify major goals and then, execute. Then you can make sure that all members of your team understand your mission and are willing to carry out your goals. Coaches can provide formal team building skills to help you strengthen your organizational culture as well. 

Finally, coaches can help you focus on individual performance. For instance, if you need help improving your company’s sales process or cash flow, an executive coach specializing in sales can help you develop strategies to become profitable. 

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For every stage of your development as an entrepreneur, you need mentors who will help you grow. And it’s fine to have many mentors so that you can have many people supporting various aspects of your business. 

A mentor can help you identify areas of your business that are your greatest weaknesses and then, develop solutions that turn these problem areas into strengths. You can have another mentor who guides your development as a leader. 

The key to identifying the right mentors for your business: if they have time, willingness to share their time and if they are understanding of current trends in business. 

Join Business Organizations 

There are many business groups that allow entrepreneurs to network and build relationships with others. It’s important to find the right group that fits the needs of you as an entrepreneur and will support your growth. 

Organizations such as your local chamber of commerce or rotary club will host monthly meetings that will keep you informed of events and news within your business community. 

Her Corner, for instance, assists women entrepreneurs with identifying appropriate resources, networking opportunities and workshops to help their businesses grow. 

Before you begin asking for help, it’s important that you consider what you really need. Phrase your request intentionally and specifically by stating “I need help with…” This will help you remain focused on your goal, greatest problem that needs to be solved and your business priorities. 



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